so finally made the choice to purchase a 14kw generac natural gas set.

i was looking into how far to place gen set from walls ect around the generator ?

i have the code required diminsions ,,

but in terms of doing oil and filter change , spark plug changes ... general maint ... which side of gen set is this work done on ? how much room to make it easy to do ?

any thoughts on what you would do over with your gen set location after working on it now ?

also , i thought i saw post about raising the gen set to make it easier to get to the oil drain plug and/or filter ? was this correct .... ??

ok, thanks, joe
Skip Douglas SkipD
Most of the maintenance work done on my 5416 generator is from the side opposite where gas and electric connections are made. The minimum allowable clearance between the generator cabinet and the house wall is 18" and that side is usually where the connections are made. However, I suggest keeping a minimum of three feet of clearance [U]all the way around[/U] the generator so that if anything abnormal needs to be done you'll have sufficient room to work on any side of the generator.
Skip Douglas
We placed our raised concrete pad 36" from the wall considering the clearance that Skip mentioned. The pad is oversized roughly 9" on each side. We centered the generator on the pad, so our generator is actually about 3'9" from the wall.

If I recall correctly, there was a suggestion to place the generator close to the edge of the pad to make oil draining easier. But, Generac suggests 6" extra on each side, so we just centered it. I was thinking of getting a longer oil drain hose if I have a problem draining the oil.

Our generator only holds 2 quarts of oil, if I recall correctly, so a broad shallow pan may work. I believe I saw a video of a Ziller service person on YouTube doing this with a shallow pan.
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Do the concrete pad, not the gravel pit as one of generacs suggestions. A couple of inches above ground level is good enough