I just received an offer from Generac to extend the warranty on my unit for an additional 5 years. The fine print in the Terms and Conditions mentions that wear and tear items are not covered. What do they consider to be wear and tear items? Does the warranty cover the carbon brushes, ignition coils, etc.? I am generally inclined to purchase this extended warranty, but unspecified exclusions have me a bit concerned. Can somebody let me know specifically what major items are not covered by the extended warranty? This unit lives in Canada. Thanks in advance for any clarifications.
Wear and tear items would be the battery, filters, spark plugs. Generac is pretty clear about what is covered and for how long, you'll just have to read what they are offering. They have different warranties. Some cover everything all the way to the end others let some things drop off along the life of the warranty.

My advice to customers is, due to how costly some parts can be, that they buy as much extended warranty as they can afford. Having possession of the money doesn't mean that you can afford it. Leave yourself some risk, and hit that sweet spot. Warranties are against you generally. Or they couldn't exist.
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