It just amazes me how people can ask for help and then be so condescending and argumentative! 4 years ago we were asked to took at a genset another company couldn't seem to repair.
We agreed to see what we could do. Coolant level probe unplugged and jumped out. New governor driver board not secured in control box. Starter burned out from excessive cranking. New RPM sensor. New cam sensor. Exploded muffler. Missing gen breaker in transfer switch.
Information from customer said utility breaker failed, gen took over, and failed. Utility breaker wouldn't reset, so the tech. moved the gen breaker to utility, and put the meter back in upside down.
We installed new starter, adjusted RPM sensor, adjusted cam sensor, bolted governor driver board in place, installed new breaker in transfer switch, and fully tested system. Genset was operational, so customer didn't want to order the muffler right then.
Customer didn't even agree to a service contract.
Two years later, transformer blows, and genset doesn't work. Fixed it, and customer got service contract. Serviced unit 2 months ago, utility breaker tripped again and genset overheated and shut down. After hours call out.
Customer wasn't bad enough. She allowed her teen aged daughter to tell me how the generator was never that loud before, and we didn't do our job to keep it operational. Mother didn't correct her for speaking to an adult in this manner.
Just happy I took the call for the on call tech to witness this in person!
Customer's house is too big for the 200 Amp T.S. and 45 kW genset they had installed 12 years ago. Contract is being cancelled, and we will no longer be so eager to help out Non customers! Lesson learned. I will not have my guys subjected to unappreciative condescending people that don't even teach their children respect!
Rant over!
Can't fix stupid.
Some people get it, some don't.
Charles G
the life of a service person in today's world .
try being the SM of a auto dealer it's worse
Geoff Z
Anyone who talks to one of my people inappropriately, I respectfully decline to continue our relationship. Without a moments hesitation. I don't care who they are. That is just not okay...
The worst thing is they breed !