Just after I posted this my search on generac site came up with the manuals.  Turns out it is a liquid cooled unit, not air cooled.  I see no way to edit the title or delete this post.

Still have the same questions though.


Saw a 22kw unit QT02224ANAN offered "for parts/repair".  About 300 hours on meter.  Sitting on a pallet.

Worth looking at?  What to look for?   The Generac site did not seem to respond to my search efforts.  

I assume it is propane/NG powered, could it be test run on a portable tank?

it could ... but you may need to swap out to propane fuel jet if its set up for natural gas. you would need the proper sized secondary regulator on the fuel tank. you cant use a BBQ regulator as this will not let enough fuel thru to run the unit. A 22 liquid cool generator can use up between 189,000 to 315,000 btu...not sure what kind if inrush you would need to get it started . how old is the unit? weird that its for parts only with a mere 300 hours on it.
Geoff Z
I lost 78buckshot's response when moving to Liquid Cooled. Including it here. If you have a serial number we could look it up in Generac's system and see if there are any notes on it. I think you will find the last letter to be X.

 It is a 22kw, 2.4 litre, Mitsubishi engine, good chance it is an 1800 RPM unit, LP or Nat. gas. 300 hours is not much run time for a liquid cooled unit. Depending on the history, maintenance, and selling price, it might be worth looking at. Those units are pretty solid, very little engine trouble, as always it's the electric/electronics that give us trouble and can be difficult to diagnose if it is an uncommon problem. You might be able to get it to fire on a portable LP tank but it needs to be regulated to 10" - 13" w.c. pressure, can't run tank pressure to the genset without damage/no start.
parts or repair isn't saying much.
reliable engine but what is really wrong with it?