Jim Z

I am looking at purchasing a 45kw stationary unit powered by a v6 engine.

Model on plate shows 99A08304-S, s/n: 2053426
Date of manufacture 1-31-2000
Another plate shows Type as SG045-A164.3V18CBYYY

Supposedly was a standby unit for a cell tower.

Any info regarding manuals (operating/service/maintenance) would be appreciated.
Thanks!  Jim

Ziller might have trouble finding info on it, it's probably an industrial unit.
Birken Vogt
It is a 4.3 liter GM engine, just a Chevy 350 minus 2 cylinders, good engine if you need one that big.

S Standby
G Gas
045 45 kw
A 120/240 1 phase
1 1 phase (again)
6 60 Hz
4.3 engine displacement
V ? might mean LP vapor
18 1800 RPM
C panel simple one with lights, good for the casual user
B brushless
Y compartment yes
Y muffler yes
Y main breaker yes

Internet people don't seem to get much help from industrial dealers, which is the only official support channel, but it is all pretty standard inside and should be available.  But likely old and crusty, you may have problems due to age.

Do you need a unit this big?
Jim Z

No, I currently have a 22kw air cooled unit.
BUT!  Isn't bigger better?
Plus I'm looking at it being:
Brushless (less to go bad)
Quieter (water cooled & 1800rpm)
Already have a 500gal propane tank

The only negative is it's age, AFAIK
Talk me out of it!

Birken Vogt
Here is to talk you out of it: It's too old.  Things will be failing on a yearly basis.  Everything is suspect and you don't know who's had their fingers in it.  Look out for radiator, hoses, freeze plugs, head gaskets, AVR, governor controller, flaky switches, gas regulators, end bell bearing, oil seals, alternator, water pump, the list goes on and on.  This is all from my experiences in the field.

If you want something that will pick itself up and run unattended, it has to be new, or else you need to tear it down and inspect/replace most of those things.
Geoff Z
78buckshot wrote:
Ziller might have trouble finding info on it, it's probably an industrial unit.

That is going to be an industrial unit. We would not be able to get parts for it. Besides Birkens Vogt’s already good points it will be more expensive parts and fewer places to get them. It seems over sized for your application. Fuel consumption is always something to consider.
Charles G
45 kw. that would power a full auto dealership way over kill for a home.  the engine is a long time rock solid one, but everything else i have to agree with the others, 
Depends on the size of the home. Ive installed a few in large homes with electric heat or floor boilers. Sometimes a 22 just wont do.