Opened up my generator and the display was not on so I then opened up my smart switch and there were no indicator lights on in there as well. I have the a/c on the load shedding module. The generator has been through the startup procedure. and everything worked fine or so I thought. I just don't understand why or how the battery is not getting a charge and the indicator lights don't seem to be working all of the sudden is there a fuse that needs to be checked inside the smart switch? Any help with this issue woulde to stop pulling out my hair because I just am not sure what happened and why.
Skip Douglas SkipD
It certainly would help if you let us know what the model number of your generator is, when it was purchased/installed, etc.

Who did the installation?

Do you have any electrical/electronic troubleshooting skills and a decent multimeter?
Skip Douglas
Check battery voltage,if low you need to charge the battery.Check your wiring,do you have a T1 next to the N1 ,N2 in gen.T1 should have 120v
If the battery is low the charger is probably not getting power .The generator charger is not made to charge a dead battery.