Hi folks,
I found a great deal on some Generac transfer switches. Are these something people use quite a bit? I am trying figure out if it would be hard to sell them. These are all like new,never used.

Here are models I will get.

Generac Transfer Switch — 200 Amp, 120/240 Volts, 1 Phase, Type N, Model# RTS-N-200A3

Generac Nexus Power Manager — 200 Amp, LTS Load Shed ATS, Model# RTSJ200A3

Generac RTS Transfer Switch — 400 Amp, 120/240 Volts, 1 Phase, Type N, Model# RTSX400A3

And one of these...
Cutler-Hammer Automatic Transfer Switch — 1 Phase, 225 Amps, Model# SPC-225-CH1

Thanks for any help.
It won't be hard to sell them, but it may be hard to sell them [B]at a profit[/B]. Your price will have to be significantly less than that of a a new, un-blemished switch with a warranty.
Model# RTSJ200A3
I have one of these that I would love to sell. anyone interested?