Is a Cummings 20 KW generator compatible with a 200 amp SE rated Generac transfer switch?
My customer has a 20 KW Generac installed.  New controller a year ago and now an engine problem.
Wants a different brand generator.  Anyone know  for sure if it will work or not?
I have not looked at the little Cummins/Onan sets, with some re-wiring and ingenuity you can make anything work but it is not going to be "plug and play". Also for warranty I would think you need to stay with the same manufacturer for the genny and switch.
Birken Vogt
Generally not a fan of Cummins products, but a 22 kW liquid cooled we did had an output for a Generac-style transfer switch in the bunch of pigtails that they use.  So an air-cooled, maybe.