Is it necessary or prudent to change the timing belt on a 25 kw Generac? I bought it new from northern tool in 2007. It has run approximately 450-500 hours under full load and has cycled every week since new. Is the water pump also needing replacement? My Generac Guy is telling me it’s overdue.

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Birken Vogt
Is this the Mitsubishi engine running 3600 RPM?

It is probably still OK, but considering the alternative is total engine destruction, it does have some years on it.
That vintage 25kw probably has the Chinese Chery engine, I would certainly replace the belt and double check for wear/play in the crankshaft sprocket to crankshaft mating surface. If the belt lets loose while running at normal speed your going to spend a good chunk of change for head/valve/piston repair. I replaced a starter on one in January this year-bitter cold day, as soon as I tested the starter and the engine was just getting going-not even near running speed-the belt broke and sent plastic flying, I assume it also bent some valves.