Ziller office got new generator delivered to houston friday a week ago , on schedule per Ziller original delivery estimate,, great job ,,, thanks again

with help of phone calls to Kelly and Jeff at ziller and help from the forums worked thru various newbie install issues !!

so 9 days ago on friday, gen set got delivered ,,, today the gen set and ATS got tested out and working great !! been permitted and finaled by the city. along with 70' new gas line and gas meter upgrade.

i decided to use all separate contractors rather than a single turnkey gen company . (pros .... this saved quite abit money) (cons...this increased the "homework" i had to do to over see the install and confirm things ok).

just want to say again thanks for all the help from everyone !!

hopefully as i get some experience with the new unit i can also help on this great forum too...

have a blessed day !!