This neighbor hood has occasional power surges with many 1-2 seconds power outage for up to several hours. Havoc on home electronics. My 2010 Generac I just flip off the main service breaker and let it run on generator until normal service is restored. Bro in law has one year old Generac with whole house switch wired before his service box. He cannot manually kick it on. Can he have a switch installed in the start circuit to manually force switch from utility to generator mode?

There would have to be a breaker in the switch that he can shut off to fool the generator into thinking the power is out. He would have to take the cover off to see the switch. If he does not have the breaker he needs to call the installer back and have them change the switch, there must be a way to shut the power off after the meter. If it is short term outages, a few seconds that are your problem you could increase the amount of time the power is off before the generator starts. It comes from the factory set for 5 seconds we always change that to 10 seconds but you could go longer.
Why not just put a switch to break N1 or N2 in those instances where the power is unreliable.