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5E427477-F14B-41BB-B4A0-0AC0EAA71E89.jpeg  80D25F13-D00E-4DEA-9E2D-C572B42717FB.jpeg  Thanks for all your help guys.  I wet sanded the rings with 400 and isopropyl alcohol.  The inside one had a pretty good gouge in it from the slag of the housing wearing against it, funny thing was that it was on about 1.5” long and happened to be at the top when I disassembled it.   I installed the brushes and shimmed it with the supplies washers plus an additional thin washer, held it in place with electrical tape and reinstalled.  Tested it, it worked and buttoned it back up.  I’ll go out and ohm out the new brushes tomorrow morning and get a base reading.  Thanks to all for your help.  
check slip ring concentricity with dial indicator before closing it up.
anymore than 1 or 2 thou" will lead to brush bounce or strange wear patterns.
this is usually made worse by hand sanding them!

had a similar pattern on a 20 kw a while back although the brushes were centered .had to machine the rings to do it right.