I have a older generac 20kw generator mdl#0591-2 this gen has been running
Great for a long time till about 3 weeks ago the power went out everything
Worked like it was suppose to till it came time to retransfer it did not.the
Only way to retransfer is to turn off.now when you switch to auto it cranks
I thought it might be the sensing trans.changed it out same thing.not real sure
What to try next.any help would be appreciated the transfer sw. is a gts w type
And it seems fine. thanks....
You said you have GTS W style transfer switch. Without any model or pics I am guessing at your problem. If you have the Inphase monitor system and a circuit board that says voltage sensing located below the exercise board. Check to see if the led is illuminated. If not it will keep running thinking you have a utility problem. Most generac transfer switches use wire 178&183 for remote start. By removing either of these wires from the terminal strip in the transfer switch with the generator in auto the unit should not start. If you could supply some pics of your transfer switch along with model and S/n this would expedite the troubleshooting of your problem.
Had the same problem on a 20kW on a service call. It ended up being the board. Luckily I have a scope and was able to isolate a relay that was burnt up in the board. I was able to magnify the name and get a new one. Works great.