I have finished my installation thanks to the help from this board but I think I am missing a plastic cover inside my transfer switch, at least there looks to be a place for it. I called Generac and had to speak to someone that has never seen the inside of the switch and sent me a plastic piece that probably goes somewhere in the generator.
My transfer switch is an RTS-D-200A3
There is a plastic cover that goes over the main power connections above the 200 amp breaker. There looks like there should be one below the breaker as well.

If there is one, does anyone have a part number available so I can tell Generac?

Thank you,

The only cover I have ever seen is the red ( sometimes greenish in color )fiberglass cover you show in your picture.
If that picture is your switch everything is in place.
The breaker is used in applications where you would cover both ends. The flash guard is in place over the contacts and the main lugs are protected at the top. I really dislike opening a switch and finding the mains not covered. The inner panel is just to close to them when you remove it.
OK thank you then. There just appears to be screw holes and extra screws for a cover that should go over that area.
Our panel is set up the same way, with just the top plastic cover. I never tried it, but I wonder if the top cover would fit on the bottom as well.

Extra screws were provided with our switch as well.
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