model 5826
off grid use - 2 wire remote start
I asked this question awhile back but got no real response. I would like to program out the "exercise" function.
We run the generator frequently when at our cabin. I have the 2 wire remote connected to a pressure switch on our water system to start and pump water when low. We use for battery charging a tools. We have a battery disconnect switch that we turn off when not there. Because of the exercise function, we get random starts - never set time/date as there is no need.
I have been into the controller to make the change for 2-wire and that is easy.
Thanks for any good ideas.
Not gonna get many ideas on how to defeat a program designed to keep the genset in top condition! Another point is the unit is designed for standby use only. It appears you are really using it as prime power on a limited basis.
if I was buying one today I would buy the "off grid" model as there are some reasonable priced units there. I understand that the unit was originally designed as back up and not warranted for my use - although solar is my main power source. If it didn't have the 2-wire remote start feature, I would not have purchased. The price on these units at the time I purchased was so much better than the off grid units. I also know that there are a number of us out here with these units in an off grid set up. I guess I don't understand the reluctance to help out here.
Brent hit the nail on the head.
You bought the wrong unit and can't bypass this functionality.

You'll find that the majority of the complaints about the brand are from people that are not using them for their intended purpose.
The best one I've found is a guy named troutmansteel on YouTube.
Has a 20kW used for prime power and wonders why it keeps breaking........

The other reason is they have Joe blow jack of all trades doing the install.
Pay peanuts and get monkeys, I say.

People want to pay the absolute minimum and expect it to work.

They actually have units made for this application. Break open the wallet and get the right one! Heck they even have a 15kW variable speed unit now.

D2Huffman this wasn't directed at you directly, but I'm sure you can see my point.

/end rant
glad you guys were able to rant on someone. At the time I purchased this unit, there was nothing in my price range. If I was looking for a unit to run full time, that would be different. Now that my solar system is fully functioning and the bigger construction projects complete, I am probably running less than a 100 hrs per year. After purchasing the unit from Costco, it has an issue right off the bat. The Costco person put me in contact with Generac and they were very helpful and fixed it as it as the problem had nothing to do with my application. We discussed that down the line it would not be covered.
I thought I would get more assistance on this forum from the people that consider themselves experts.
It doesn't sound like any of the techs here really know how to get into the programing and that is fine - just please say so.
I will continue to read posts as there is a lot of good info here - have a good day!
There's nobody that I know of farmiliar with the controller programming that would be able to do this.
Your probably not going to get anyone to hack a controller in order for it to overlook it's basic operation.

It's not like earlier models that you could splice into if you had the wiring diagram and make it do what you want.

Not being rude, just stating the facts.
I don't consider myself and expert as there's always something new to learn.
thanks - I can understand that answer
The programing for the 2-wire remote start connection was pretty basic so I thought there may be a toggle for exercise or no exercise.