Chris from CA.
Does anybody know the hot side of the oil cooler? There is an oil cooler port near the oil filter/oil pressure sender and one a few inches below it. Which line is the hot oil coming out of the engine?

What would be considered a normal oil operating temp on say an 80 degree day (by a physical check not a guess).

What would be considered a hot or high limit oil operating temp 80 degree day?

Is there a factory high oil temp shut off?

Is there a factory low oil pressure shut off?

Is there a low oil level shut off?

Unit running on NG at 800' above sea level.

Hey Chris.. not knowing your model # genny I can tell you on my 2012 10KW the line to the oil cooler comes from the engine block..(Top Hose)...As for the rest of your questions...I'll let the Guys with more experience then me take it from her.
Different models use an 8 psi or a 10 psi low oil pressure switch, it's threaded in near the filter. Oil temperature is derived from the temperature of the aluminum block casting, an external switch is mounted below the filter, I can't remember the limit on that one. There is no oil level sensor. 80 degree day running full tilt should be no problem with the unit in good tune, fresh oil, and above all - NO obstruction to airflow!

On most air cooled engines, I'd bet that 250+ degree oil out to the cooler wouldn't be unusual on an 80 degree day, with it running at rated load for long enough for the temp to stabilize.

At any rate, that temp shouldn't hurt anything, especially with synthetic oil.