We have a model 5873 serial #6198620 Controller # OH6680B we will be using for power. Unit came with auto transfer switch which we do not need.I know we need a 10 amp battery charger,Can i install a disconnect switch [ we may not use camp for month ] to prevent battery drain? we would like also to install a remote start and stop switch in camp,is there a kit
we can purchase to accomplish this? Thanks

During the warm summer months lead-acid batteries have a high self-discharge rate. You'll need to provide some way to keep your battery topped off you'll kill it fairly quickly (and may not be able to start your genset when you get to camp). If you can put it in your budget to buy one 20-watt solar panel and a small solar charge controller you won't need a cut-off switch.

You can install a remote-start switch, I've done the same on my 4456. You should also install the transfer switch and here is why. You need to keep your loads off of the genset for about 15-20 seconds after startup to allow the engine to stabilize, and you need to remove your loads about 60 seconds before shutting down to allow the engine to cool down. You can do this with the main circuit breaker on the genset if there is no transfer switch but then there is no reason for a remote start switch. There is a sway to re-wire the transfer switch so both solenoids operate from genset power (the utility side solenoid runs from utility power normally) and then you can insert a remote switch into the 12 volt control line that triggers the solenoids. Since you'll be completely off-grid you may also have to wire that control line directly to a +12 source in the genset.

As for the remote switch for on/off, insert that in series with the wire that runs to the "on" side of the built-in switch. You don't have to do anything with the wire that runs to the "auto" side. Then leave the built-in switch set to "on" and control the genset from your remote switch.

With both switches you'll now:
1. Start the genset with switch 1
2. Wait 20 seconds
3. Activate the transfer switch with switch 2 so it flips to the genset side

1. Deactivate switch 2 so the transfer switch moves to the utility side (turning off your loads)
2. Wait 60 seconds
3. Turn off switch 1 to turn off the genset
Thanks for your help