I am trying to adjust the output voltage on a NP55 generator, model 9128-0. The adjusting pot seems to have almost no travel while making large voltage adjustments. About 10 degrees travel results in a range from 108 to 138 volts; pls there appears to be a dead spot in about the middle that givers merely residual voltage, about 3.5 volts. I am not comfortable trying to adjust VR with cover off and circuits energized, so I do it while generator shut off, and battery disconnected. So far I have tried over 40 times, and frustratingly can't find a sweet spot. Right now it is putting out about 130 volts under load ; trying to lower it brings it down to about 112 volts. Is this normal on these units, or is, once again, the VR heading south? ( it was replaced about 12 years ago, not much time on unit since then) If so, is there a better VR?
Thanks for any input. Jeff