I know it is not ideal to change software, in many ways. 

We were hosted on Vbulletin (VB). The version we inherited several years ago was badly outdated, and we held off updating that version as long as we could, but ultimately security flaws in the system forced us to upgrade to the newest version. The new version, either because of the state the forum was in prior to upgrade was so outdated, or other unknown reasons, worked, but we quickly noticed database error issues.

We worked with support at VB for over a year trying to get it fixed, but the answer was always to keep upgrading to the newer version. On the last upgrade (about a month and a half or so ago), the situation became much worse and we were throwing 100's of database errors per day. In order to try and get better support, we decided to move from a self-hosted forum to having VB host it, hoping they could run the software they built better if we hosted directly with them. They were quick to set up our new forum but were initially unable to move the old VB forum to the new one, even though they were given all the information to do so and all access needed. We tried rolling back to an earlier version but did not make any progress.

After they could not import the first version, we worked/updated and jumped thru hoops to try and get the old VB install to a place where it could be imported. We emailed support every day for over a month asking for the re-import without response. After about 3 weeks, we decided we could not work with VB any longer and sought a solution that was:
1. Able to import our old content as much as possible
2. Import and maintain our users
3. Was hosted
4. Had responsive and had reliable support
5. Was cost effective

We ultimately decided on the forum solution offered by WebsiteToolbox.com (WTB)

They met all of our requirements, and have really great support, and were able to move over most of the content and users.

We know its not perfect, and that the user interface will take some getting used to with its features and functions.

We are currently working on getting a user video to go over the basic usage; but if you explore you will find most of the historic functionality is in place, it may just not be where it was before.

Please post questions here and I will try and get them answered.
Ron Goldstein Rongold
I know that you are doing your best. Don't listen to the complainers. This is a FREE site, and anyone who gets something for free shouldn't be complaining !!!

Geoff Z
Thank you for the kind words. I said elsewhere I just want happy generator guys. We do appreciate the constructive criticism.  It is the holidays for my staff also. I rode em hard to get here.  We intend to get used to it for awhile and see what we can make better. We are learning just the same as all members. I used it first the exact same time you did. Hopefully we can teach and help each other find the best way to use it.