We're having high winds, rain and freezing rain today and we've had a couple power bumps. Our 20 kw generator started during one of the bumps and shut down because the utility supply returned before the transfer so everything seemed to work properly.
Normally I get notification that the unit is running from the Mobile Link App but I didn't get any notification this time so I thought that was strange.
I checked the Mobile Link app to see if there were any alarms with the generator and all it showed is that the generator is "Running" and  the battery voltage is "Bad" and seems to be now locked up.
At first I was worried that water might have gotten in and shorted out the battery heating pad and that the battery failed, but the green indicator light is still on so I have to assume everything is healthy with the generator and the problem is with the mobile Link unit.
I'm now thinking either the Mobile Link module failed or the ice is causing a poor wifi signal and that's why its hung up and showing the generator is still running and thinking the battery is bad.
I'm hoping when everything calms down and dries out things will go back to normal.
Just wondering if anyone has had any Mobile Link issues and is there a way to reset it? Thanks
Geoff Z
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