Hemp Life
hey i have a sg060, liquid cooled, l.p., 5.7 engine and a sg100, liquid cooled, on n.g. but im converting it to l.p.. im trying to find an actuall Generac Troubleshooting/Diagnostic/Repair manual. I have every other owners manual for the gens. but no luck thus far on these manuals. any help on where i can find these to purchase or download would be amazing. thanks
Geoff Z
We would need serial numbers to take a look what is available. By the model numbers I have a feeling those are industrial units? We will not have access to those. You would have to go to generac.com dealer search and look up your local industrial dealer.
Printed manuals are becoming more and more unavailable.  They are becoming pdf's accessed through the computer interface between the manufacturer and its dealers and technicians.

This is both far less expensive and time consuming to produce, and it allows Generac to better control who has access to the manuals.  I hate reading a manual on a computer.  Of course techs are welcomed and encouraged to put these manuals--all of them--on a little bitty flash drive.

All of my manuals do take up quite a bit of space in the truck.  But if I actually used them, I'd prefer the paper version.
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