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Saturday a.m. I just de-termed the blue wire, which was landed on the N.C. contact of the switch. In manual, I started the engine, watched the oil pressure go right up to 68 psi. It maintained 62-68 for 15 minutes, and I shut it off. The way you guys have explained this to me........the switch can now be declared faulty. Correct?
Yes, I think that will be the only problem. You can get that switch from Ziller. Good Luck, Peddler
Just following this thread has given me a satisfaction of the professionalism here by the members of the forum. No, I don't have any issues as of yet but I just lurk here daily for the unending knowledge which keeps coming.
Guys, keep up your good work!!!!!!!
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I know this is an old thread but in case someone else has a similar issue and stumbles across this thread...I just had the oil pressure switch fail with the same failure mode.  I have an older (mid 2000's) 14kw so no remote monitor available.   I use an Arduino and a couple relays to monitor generator running/utility power status and feed those over to my home automation system, which sends me notifications.   This past week I noticed the generator failed to run at the scheduled exercise time.  When I investigated, I found the low pressure light on.   I reset and started and the engine ran about 4 minutes and shut down again for the same reason.  I pulled the wires off the sensor and replaced the sensor with a gauge and in 10 minutes of runtime the gauge stayed steady at about 60psi.   New sensor should be here today.   Honestly if it had been anything serious we'd probably have just scrapped the thing and bought a portable.