Model #: 30kw
Serial #: 3005221291
Total run hours: 6
Fuel source: NG or LP: LP
Length of fuel run: ?
Diameter of fuel pipe: 3/4" copper
Last maintenance date:  July 8, 2020
Last valve adjustment date: NA
Last battery replacement date: NA
Error Code: NONE

This is a recent install, we did not do it.  Customer said it is hard to start, takes several attempts to get started but starts.  When I arrived, it would not start.  The fuel solenoid was stick, gas pressure at 14iwc.  Disassembled solenoid and put back together.  Dropped pressure to 10iwc. Started fine.  Controller was set to Natural gas, I changed it to LP.  Installer said they changed the orifice in the demand regulator to the smaller one.  Unit ran but was blackening the exhaust vent on the unit.  I cleaned the unit up and it seemed fine.  Now the unit is still blacking the vent and took several attempts to get started.  Have you guys had one with these problems.?
I think you need to go through the fuel set-up again. Black exhaust means too much fuel or not enough combustion air. Double check the fuel orifice, check the static and running fuel pressure, you may have to kill power to the controller in order for the dip switch setting to take affect.
One other thought, if the unit has a cold start solenoid, (and I don't know off hand if it doe's) check to make sure it is not stuck open. That component adds extra fuel on start-up but if it isn't closed after start-up then the machine will run rich.