I have a 15 kw, liquid cooled Generac Guardian Generator, Model # 560047220A near-miss lightning bolt fried several circuit boards in the house, including the generator control board. I had the board rebuilt (for $125). It came to life, sort of, but the relay controlling the starter solenoid chatters and nothing happened. I replaced the solenoid as the rebuilder suggested. Same result. I sent the board back for another check and they said it was fine. The hot wire on the solenoid control shows dead to ground. I replaced the Suppression Assembly. Same thing. Other than replace the board with a new one (not rebuilt), is there anything I can and should do? What if they're right and the board is fine? There's not evidence of any burnd wires that might cause a short. Thanks. Bob
Battery Good?
Starter relay good?
Manualy jump the relay does it crank?
yes lightning can even damage the run windings,i would start doing some ohms test on your wires,also check the run windings,i had a 20 hit by lightning and it took out 2 boards and the run windings,usually you will have no output voltage or the generator will go crazy in auto almost sounds like you have a bad wire somewhere