johnc;9722 wrote:
...14 months ago we bought a new range. Usually don't buy the fancy stuff, always buy the stuff that will be easiest to repair, but this time, thought it would be neat to buy the range with everything touch matic and all electronic. 3 months ago just before the 1 yr. warranty, started getting oven fault code, service guy comes out, didn't even check anything, just installed the main PCB. "This corrects that fault code". Now 2 months out of warranty, now getting different fault code. I checked out the problem, bad main PCB. I'll be interested to hear what their excuses are, now that the oven is out of warranty.
I think that we are all plagued by having to buy cheap manufacturing junk. It's going to be a way of life, which is only going to get worse.

I agree with your point. Many consumers these days give little or no thought to "what happens when this breaks", they just want the most bells, whistles and so on. I made the terrible mistake of buying a Whi**p**l brand washing machine with a fancy electronic control; my wife wanted it and I went along. It lasted about two weeks and then started acting erratic- would fill up with water, wash a few minutes then just stop or maybe never fill up or wash but stop before rinsing etc.

The maker called my story unbelieveable, so I video taped same. An "authorized" repairman came out, looked in the control panel, said "I don't know nothing about this kind" and left. 3 days of phone calls followed, and finally I asked at the store (Lowes) about the issue. The response was "we have had some trouble with those, do you want a replacement machine?" The replacement was delivered and installed promptly, but lasted less than a week, before it developed erratic operation and error codes on the display.

After much telephone "discussion" with the maker, where they blamed everyone but themselves (the power company, brand of detergent, even said my installation must be improper) I called the store again. The dept. manager offered to credit me for the machine and come pick it up; they also sold me a machine with a mechanical timer- my sole criteria was "made by any company except Whi**P**l". As you might imagine, I will never buy another of their products, but was pleasantly amazed by the response from my new favorite big box store.
The days of quality and durablity are no longer. The companies have it mass produced as cheap as they can so they can put bigger bonuses in their pockets at the end of the year. The poor folks at customer service are being trainer to give as much B.S. as you can until the customer goes away. I have noticed this in the current products I sell/install and hate it.
I have also noticed a High rate of Customer service reps cycling through corpate headquarters recently. Hmm, maybe low pay scale and frustrated customer's they can't take the torture and move on/out.:cool:
Good luck America, and good nite.
I think the companies are giving us just what we are asking for. Cheaper products. Just look at the success of Wal-Mart.

The masses won't pay for quality, so why would the companies produce it.

If, for example, Generac made home generators built like industrial ones, they would cost 2 to 3 (maybe more) times the cost. Yes a few would buy it, but the masses would by Acme brand, as it's cheaper.

It's the consumer driving the trend, not the manufacturer.