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We are having a home built about 75 miles north of Houston and would like to have a 5875 20kw Generac installed for us.

What is the process for getting this done? If we purchase from Ziller is there a local company that will do the installation? If we can get an invoice for the whole deal we can get it included in the mortgage.


Our 5875 installation includes three main items:
Generator & transfer switch package (and battery),
Propane hookup,
Electrical hookup (still to be completed.)
(Four items if you include our optional concrete pad.)

Will only one all encompassing quote work for your purpose, or will several quotes work (one for each main item)?

Is the job to be paid at settlement? Can you just get cash back at settlement to cover the costs?

You may want to search in this forum for a "turnkey" or "turn-key" installation. This was recently discussed.
Model 5875, Nexus controller, 999cc Engine, 20kW LP, 2011
robert manning

Call kelly at ziller..he can arrange almost anything...
Just turn the job over to your electrician that is doing the house. Just remember if you buy the gen. set and transfer switch then don't look to him for warranty issues.
I saw this post recommending an electrician and plumber (for the gas?) in Houston.

This guy did the plumbing and electrical on my 20k.

Upton Electrical Contracting LLC
Vincent Upton
TECL 25840

He's based out of Spring, Texas
(North side of Metro Houston)

He's listed by Service Magic.

I bought my Gen. and ATS (installed the ATS myself two years ago) online and had to pay gas Co. for meter upgrade,
Vincent took care of the rest.
Took 3 weeks from ordering the generator, to bidding contract to getting meter upgrade to commissioning gen. set and re sodding 60 foot gas line path. Including a three day stretch of him servicing existing customers with electrical issues from storm cells in the Houston area.

I'd recommend him,