I need some help in how to adjust the voltage in my 20kw
Model #0058751
Serial #6415108
The voltage under no load is 239vac according to the debug in the control panel and with my meter I get 241vac across N1- N2 . N1 to Neutral I have 118 and N2 to Neutral I have 121
I was looking for the regulator but cant seem to find its location. Any help would be appreciated. My Frequency is 59.9 - 60 hz
Thank you
Skip Douglas SkipD
From what I read in my Diagnostic Repair Manual (Generac part #0H9172), the proper output is 240 to 244 VAC ±5 volts. Your numbers are well within spec.

Adjustment is done via the controller using a password. This is all documented in the Diagnostic Repair Manual. You can order a copy via Ziller Electric (phone number at the top of this page). I have not found a free download available from Generac's web site yet.
Skip Douglas
Thanks Skip ! I was under the impression that the no load was supposed to be in the 250 range. I will for sure be ordering the diagnostic manual. Thanks again