hi ,

gotten some diff answers ... so probably any thing works ...

getting ready to install mine ... just seeing whats more typical ...

so natural gas 14kw genset , high preasure meter from util company...

so i have to install regulator at generator ...

question is ,,, so how long is your pipe between regulator and the genset ...

i have gotten some very solid feed back both ways:

1- no pipe ,,, just connect to the flex line provided ...

2 - also better to provide some pipe downstream of regulator...

so i just trying to see what is mostly already done out there ?

plumber is getting ready to install today ,,, and he is not much help on gen set details.

ok thanks for the feed back , joe
Skip Douglas SkipD
My installation has about 30 feet of 1-1/4" pipe between my low-pressure (7" WC pressure) natural gas regulator and the point where the generator's flex line connects to it.

I don't have a separate high-pressure feed going to the vicinity of the generator because the gas meter and regulator for the whole house is only 30 feet or so from the generator.

If you have an option, make sure there is some volume for the regulator to work into so that the regulator can work better.
Skip Douglas
I have 15' of 1/2" black pipe between the secondary regulator and my 10KW 5502 on propane. You would need a larger pipe for a 14KW on natural gas.

Make sure the vent on the regulator is 5' away from the generator or another ignition source per NFPA 58. You can extend the vent if you want to mount the regulator itself closer.