I have a customer with two services at his property.  He wants both to be powered when utility is not available.  Can someone explain to me in simple terms (not an electrician and don't claim to be) how to hook up two RXSW200A3 transfer switches to one generator.  

Thanks in advance
Brian Baughman
It's not legal in the NEC to connect two separate electrical services together with 2-pole ATS's with solid neutral connections (RXSW200A3).  If you do, you will create an objectionable current path between the two services though the generator.  That is a violation of NEC Article 250.6.  You can use two 3- pole ATS's and switch the utility neutral upon transfer, but the increased costs for those types of ATS's will actually be more than a 22 kW generator with a service rated ATS.

My best advice, don't do it!