Mod. 58821

Hello all,
I have across both phases a total of 310 v.(A phase 160v,B phase 140v).
All info I've searched here points to a failing VR.
I just want to verify here, before throwing money at it.
Though the variation between phases and ground concern me a little there is no doubt that the VR is bad and would be the place to start.
160 + 140 = 300 not 310. You might want to take those readings again with a better meter. Phase voltages should be equal. If they are not that suggests a problem with the neutral wiring.
Birken Vogt
The only other test to do is to make sure that the VR is indeed seeing the ~300V (or the ~150V if it is line-neutral sensing). Sometimes if a sensing wire breaks, the voltage regulator will not see the output voltage and go full-field in an attempt to get it up where it thinks it should be.
That is a nexus control board on that unit, and doesn't have a stand alone AVR. The 0H6680D control board for this unit is the most expensive control board of all units. You should do test 4 before replacing anything.
Birken Vogt
Test 5 actually. "Test Sensing Circuit Wires 11(S) and 44(S)" to the controller.

Test 4 will be good, the thing obviously has no problem making voltage. Although the imbalance is concerning, maybe it has something to do with it running at full saturated field output.
Thanks all for the input.

This unit does have the Nexus Controller and I'm guessing the tests you speak of, are in the repair manual? or can I find them else where?

Per Test 5..
11 to neut.=.27
44 to neut.=.27

performed test 7 while I was there..

Resist test.
stator 11 to stator 22 =.26
stator. 33 to stator 44 = .24
C1 wire 11 to stator 22 =.28
C1 wire 44 to stator 33 =.29
C1 wire 6 to C1 wire 2 =1.18

Shorts to grnd
stator 11 to grnd = O.L.
stator 44 to grnd = O.L.
C1 wire 44 to grnd = O.L.
C1 wire 11 to grnd = O.L.
C1 wire 2 to grnd = O.L.

C1 wire 2 to C1 wire 11 =O.L.
C1 wire 2 to C1 wire 44 = O.L.
C1 wire 2 to stator 11 = O.L.
C1 wire 2 to stator 44 = O.L.
stator 11 to C1 wire 44 = O.L.
stator 11 to stator 44 = O.L.

Hope this helps decipher if its the Nexus gone bad or the stator
any help is welcome