Need some help. I have replaced the generator end crankshaft seal on my GT-990 engine. I would like to test the seal before mechanically and electrically installing the rotor/stator. Is it possible to use the MANUAL mode to start and stop the engine or is the pre Nexus controller (p/n 0H06430) going to not allow starting due to the 10 generator wires not being connected. If doable, how do I prevent the engine going to 3600 RPM or higher since there is no load on the engine? Thanks in advance.
I would think it is possible to start that engine without the rotor and stator attached, and the only way you could make it run at anything other than 3600 rpms without faulting, would be to program a low speed excercise (2400 rpms).

If you do this you will need to run it for half an hour to be satisfied. Thick oil may not leak, so you would need to get it hot.

However, I'd just know the new seal was installed right, and not test it myself.
State your problem, not your diagnosis.