Greetings to all. My first question /post.

I have a MEGAFORCE 6500. Hz is a solid 63 even at half load. I never load up more then 3kw except for the usaual inrush of motor loads.

Id like to adjust this down. Comments welcome. My problem....I have the exploded view of the governor section . It shows part# 73100, 60Hz Governing spring. And part#83502, Adjust screw. Can anyone tell me the proper proceedure for adjusting down the Hz on this unit. I have a FLUKE RMS meter.

Thanks to all. Juice
which fluke? if it's a 287 follow below

set the meter to read ac voltage-
hit menu(f1) -
then use arrows to select HZ-
then hit F1 again to set it on HZ

as far as the genset adjustment it should be as simple as turning the adjustment screw and watch HZ--adjust to 60.