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I added the Sure Start to my 5 ton and it bogs down a fair amount.  I'll have to do some more testing as I don't have a meter.  I need to get a system to monitor my energy usage, it's always been on my list.

EDIT:  Just put the house on generator power and started the A/C and it didn't bog down.  I seem to recall it did last month, but the house was probably using a lot of electrons ..... I wish the Soft Start / Sure Start thing had more lights to tell me what it is happy about or not happy about.  It just has one light and it isn't lit and it appears it should only be lit when things aren't going well.

As long as you wired it correctly... the led should not be lit. 
Geoff Z
It takes around 8-10 starts for the SS to learn the characteristics of the motor. Then it will settle in and perform its best.