Honda Bob

New poster here with a Generac Guardian model 0043903 - Serial 4295283, 15kW unit purchased and installed in 2005.

I need advice on where to source an alternative to Item 34 part 0D3059CFoam, Front Exhaust Fan Housing, located inside the left exhaust enclosure as shown in the following picture. This foam has an aluminum (foil) cover and its bottom is glued to the Exhaust Fan Housing.

0D3059C is no longer available from Generac or from Ziller. There are several other pieces of this foam which also need replacement. This foam serves as a heat and sound insulator.

Does anyone know of a viable replacement foam that is available?

Item 34.jpg 

I would look to the automotive aftermarket, check with Summit Racing, they have a good selection of sound deadening mat that is self-adhesive and could be covered with a heat barrier. The Generac item is primarily for sound absorption.
Ron Goldstein Rongold
Check for something called "Dynamat". They make a product that dampens sound and acts as a heat insulator. Here's a link.