[COLOR="Red"]Model #: (gp17500e)
Propane or Natural Gas: gas
Length of gas pipe feeding the generator: OEM
Size of gas pipe feeding the generator: OEM
How long since the last full maintenance: 2hrs run time
How long have you experienced this problem: 1 month (3 uses)

Description of problem: Generator runs (under load) for 1 hour before shutting down. Generator starts right back up, but only runs a couple of minutes before shutting back off.

Steps you have taken to resolve problem: replaced all fluids, filters, plugs, adjusted valves

Hi all, I have a gp17500e (with less than 75hrs) that I use to power my food truck. The generator is more than large enough for the load, but we bought it to allow room for growth.

Last month at an event we were catering, the generator shut down after 1hr of use. I checked the gas and oil levels, and they were fine. I started it back up, and it ran for about 5 minutes before it shut off. I took it home, replaced all the gas, oil, filters and plugs, and let it run (without being under in load) for a couple of hours, and assumed it was okay. I then used it again for an event last week- same thing happens. I took it to an authorized Generac service shop and they said it was running hotter on one side, adjusted the valves, which were NOT covered under warranty, and said that was the problem. It happened again Saturday. I called Generac support, and got none. Any ideas?

Many thanks,
Eric L
It could be ignition or fuel shutting off, if its ignition you can use a timing light to test it. When it gets hot a ignition component could be failing.Run it and After it shuts down by itself hook up a timing Light or some other means to monitor a ignition lead and then see if it looses ignition as it shuts off the next time. If the timing light is still flashing as its stopping then you have ruled ignition out. Next would be fuel shutting off.