I purcased this generator in 2005. I have about (or less) than 5 hrs total run time. Mostly running without load. Currently, the generator will start, run about 10-15 seconds, then quit. I have disconnected the system control board at the 5 pin connector and the engine will start and run. Also, I have checked for power during the 10-15 second run time with the control board conneced and there is no output. I have had someone look at it and was told it was probably the control board but had they had no way run diagnostics.
Model# 01019 revision 3. 7500 watts, 13,500 surge. Any suggestions? Troubleshooting instructions?

Additional: Generator starts, runs 5-10 seconds, then dies. Unplugged system control board, engine runs. Checked for power output (with system board connected) no power output. Is this an indicator of a bad system board, or is there another problem? Only 5 hours or less on generator. What are the troubleshooting instructions for this problem?