Geoff Z
I've used amazon webstore services for years to host the online sales platform. Amazon does not allow any space for things like forums, so this site you are reading this on is actually on one of my servers. It's home is [URL][/URL] but I use a proxy server to display it as [URL][/URL]

Recently amazon has chosen to abandon the webstore platform, in fact I only have about 7 months to recreate a new website with a different service. When this happens, I'll be able to properly integrate this forum into the new website.

Sorry for all of the 404 and 500 errors that have happened, and this forum was even non functional this weekend for 51 hours (from, will always work.

Since amazon has given up on webstore, they have also stopped providing customer support. It takes me days to figure out what IP addresses they have changed when this forum goes down using their "customer support" portal, and it is extremely frustrating on my end. When amazon changes IP addresses, my server thinks that the new IP address is performing an attack because of how many open connections it uses to pull forum information. I white list every IP address range that amazon uses, but when they swap IP addresses on a friday night at 9pm, my hands are pretty much tied until Monday.

If you frequent this forum a lot, and you use bookmarks, I would heavily suggest abandoning any links to [URL][/URL] and switch to [URL][/URL] this will allow access 24/7, even if amazon decides to do something odd and I am not at a computer when it happens.

I thought I would update everyone on why this forum sometimes fails to work, and I would also never recommend using amazon webstore service. :)

As always, if there are any requests for forum changes that would be beneficial to the community, always feel free to email me - kelly at zillerelectric dot com
This doesn't sound good

Wasn't there something with Internet Explorer using your .com address & it not holding the ID & pass word?

I'll switch over to the new link/old link to be on the safe side. Thanks for the heads up! Amazon is weird, but I am sure you have seen all of the changes with YouTube, I can't keep up with how they change out what I can do now.

It seems to be broken again. Latest new posts are a week old and more recent ones deleted.
Ron Goldstein Rongold
Since the weekend, when you click on "mark channels read" at the bottom of the main page, you get an error. Without that ability, you can't tell which channel has new messages. You have to check the date of the last post in every channel.

Complete threads have disappeared,nevermind the numerous posts!
still no satisfaction with chrome on windows xp
Geoff Z
Yes we are very frustrated also. We are trying to get support from vB. I'm hoping they will help us now that the holiday weekend is over.