Ziller really needs an expedited shipping option for online orders. I'm in Hampton Roads and I decided I wanted to install a soft starter on my air conditioner before Florence gets here. I ordered over the weekend, with the expectation that it would ship Monday(based on the Ziller shipping FAQ) and get to me on Wednesday based on the UPS site's shipping tools. I would have paid extra for next day air to make sure, but free ground shipping is the only available option. I got the shipping notification on Monday, but something happened and UPS didn't get the package until today(Tuesday). Now I won't have my starter until Thursday, if UPS isn't delayed by the storm. I also don't know that there will be any break in the rain and wind on Thursday during which I can install the thing.

I don't blame Ziller for the delayed shipment, as stuff happens, but I won't order anything hot again unless an expedited shipping option is available.