mollie 14
I have a 22kw guardian that was just purchased and now installed, I get a message on the control panel that indicates hours of protection, do I need to set a value, just what does this mean. thanks
It's a little propaganda to let you know that you have been happily protected from power outages for that many hours since the generator has been installed. No action needed.
From what I can tell it is the number of hours lapsed since it was registered and ready. Nothing to configure. But if I’m wrong someone will correct me soon.
On my Protector Series Diesel, it is a running total of the number of hours in Auto mode.
Pretty much a useless bit of information. LOL
Continuously displaying actual run hours without having to go into menus would be much more useful.
I see the reasoning behind this screen everyday! 100 run hrs. on a unit 15 years old. The PCB goes out and the customer is fixated on it's only got 100 hrs. on it. Well, Mr. customer, the PCB has 131,400 Hrs. on it!
Brian Baughman
Upon activation the clock starts and records the number of hours the generator controller has been active and monitoring the utility source of power. Just like Brent B stated, it shows the end user the actual active hours of the generator. The run hours just covers the engine.