John Patrick
The newer EGEN17-01 requires a 120 volt fused line for battery charger which is not available from the EGS200NSEA. This can be supported by buying the fuse block and installing available from this site. I would then simply run that to the T1 connection in the generator ?

The EGN17-01 has two connectors marked as 23 - transfer control signal and 194 DC 12VDC for transfer control.
I am not really sure what to do with these as it does not appear the EGS200NSEA looks for a signal line from the generator to initiate transfer control but rather senses the voltage from the generator E1/E2 and once it has stabilized for a given period of time then switches. Does the generator need something connected at these 23 and 194 marked locations ?
I'm gathering this is more of a Briggs and Stratton type transfer switch. I'd say you'd need the additional fuse block or bring a 15 amp circuit out of a panel protected by the generator. I assume it has the two fuse blocks there for N1 and N2 to provide 240v to the controller for sensing. You shouldn't need to do anything with 23 or 194 at the generator.