I am in the midst of installing my first DLM module. Has anyone used one of these modules to control a dryer circuit? Can this be done? If so, do the neutral and ground wires just get spliced inside the module box?

Also, I am using 18GA as control wires. Any issues here?

Skip Douglas SkipD
Can you provide some more information? First of all, please define the abbreviation DLM as there are readers who'd otherwise have to look it up. What make and model are you trying to implement?
Skip Douglas
Is this what you have:

I bought one of these units for our water heater, but it is not hooked up yet. I think I remember seeing a grounding screw inside.

I'll try to upload the pdf instructions I have so the electricians can help make sense of it for you (us). :-)

The pdf was within the file size limit, but kept failing to upload. This is the file name of the pdf I found in case it helps - 5937manual_rev_b.pdf
Model 5875, Nexus controller, 999cc Engine, 20kW LP, 2011
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