Dick from Canada
Thanks to the advice of this forum my Core Power unit starts without missing on it's weekly exercise startup.  As advised a new ignition coil did the job. Thank you.  But , there is always one of those.  This is the third coil in about five years. I did some checking of the spark plugs [ Champion RC12YC] and found that the resistance of five , almost new, plugs to vary from 16.4 k Ohms to 110.5 K. Ohms. I checked  a new NGK [BKR5E] plug and it read 5.1 K Ohms. Small engine repair guy tells me that the resistance drift should be less that 10%. Running the NGK plug and will see what happens. Checked the suspect coils and found the resistance from the plug outlet to it's metal lamenates to be  5.8 and 6.1 MM Ohms. Could the high resistance of the plugs be causing my high  coil failure rate ? Should the coil to ground reading not be infinity?  . Using a Fluke 115 meter.