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SkipD;37038 wrote:
I don't know where you got the 150' figure for 1" pipe to feed a 22kW generator with LP, but the appropriate table in Generac's "Generator Sizing Guide" is a maximum of only 85 feet of 1" pipe. Just make sure that you minimize the number of fittings that add resistance to flow (elbows and tees, for example).

Sorry about that. That's what happens when your brain gets to be 82 years old. Not certain why I recalled 150 feet of 1" pipe. 85 feet is correct.

That being said, at a distance of 35 feet, I am still within the allowable length of 1" pipe which should provide a substantial volume of propane to the generator.

I suspect I will be having a lively discussion with the propane dealer. Bill
Birken Vogt
worahm;37033 wrote:
doesn't it seem prudent to install a two stage regulator at the tank and just connect the 1" feed line to the hose that is connected to the generator? That is, unless there is a maximum length of feed line to pipe low pressure propane from the tank to the generator. Bill

I agree that your solution of 1" pipe has the best technical merits. However, most propane companies stock 3/4" underground plastic pipe only. So they might have to special order the risers and pipe which comes on a 500 foot coil if I recall correctly.

There is no maximum provided it is sized correctly. In the olden days all propane lines were pretty much low pressure from the tank, and some very large pipes resulted.