I have a centurion 18KW standby generator model #0054090 serial#4856346.
I bought this from some one and they said it works but did not know if puts out voltage. Before I install it I want to be sure it is putting out ac voltage. I put a new battery in it and it starts right up and runs. I have a diagnostic manual and familiar with testing components with a volt/ohm meter. I did the tests in section 2.4 from test 4
fixed excitation/Rotor Amp Draw test to test 9 Brushes and Slip Ring. All tests showed no or residual values. The unit is a 2007 purchased in October 2007 and it only has about 25 hours of load on the generator. Could it be it needs a rotor already? or stator? Would appreciate some guidance. After October snow storm and no electricity for a week I am trying to get some kind of back up power into my home.