Chris from CA.
My 22kw Guardian is being installed and while the trench is still open I was thinking about running a lead to the generator and figuring a way to monitor the engine oil temperature, or if I found a WiFi source, I would go that route.

I see that Generac offers a coolant temp gauge (p/n 055406) for the water cooled engines, but nothing for the air cooled engines to monitor engine or oil temp.

Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket system that will allow oil temp. monitoring of these engines?

Thank you!
The engine does have another oil drain plug on the opposite side of the block, I suppose you could install a temperature sensor at that location and figure out the logistics of sending that info to a readout. Anything is possible, the IMPOSSIBLE just takes a little more time and money.
Birken Vogt
Kohler has an oil temp gauge installed exactly as you describe as standard equipment on all their air cooled models I have seen going way back in time.  It uses a strange little electrical connector.  I don't know what its resistance specs are but it would be easy enough to check with a cook stove or whatever.