Hey Guys,

I'm getting more and more customers asking to add a receptacle in the generator enclosure. They want to either be able to use equipment outside during an outage or power an aftermarket battery blanket.

I haven't attempted this yet.. For those of you who have, how did you do it? ideally we need power from the utility when generator isn't running.. 

It's easy to pull wire from the switch on a new install, but some of these units are existing, and its impossible to pull a new feed from the customer load lugs in the switch.

Pictures are nice!
Skip Douglas SkipD
Brian, you will want to run a 20A 120v branch circuit from the generator-protected breaker box to a GFCI receptacle mounted inside the generator cabinet or in a weather proof outdoor box/cover kit made for the purpose.  You would need to pull three 12ga. type THHN or THWN wires - one green or bare, one white, and one of any other color (usually black or red).
Skip Douglas