I have a Model 4456-3 that I suspect has a bad stator and would appreciate some guidance as to what steps to take next.

Symptoms: After recent severe thunderstom and power outage, I returned home from work to find the power still out and my generator not running. I tried moving the main control switch from auto, to off, then back to auto and the generator will crank and run for exactly 15 seconds then shut down.

Troubleshooting done thus far:
Test 2
- Tested voltage while running at wires 11 and 44 on main breaker, no voltage
Test 3
- Tested Excitation breaker for continuity and passed
Test 4
-Reading 46VAC between wires 4-6
-Reading 2.4VAC between wires 11-22
-Reading 576mA at wire 4 (static)
-Reading 500mA at wire 4(engine running)

Test 7
-.2Ohm between 11-22
-.2 Ohm between 33-44
-.3 Ohm between Pins 1-Pin 2 of C2
-.3 Ohm between Pins 3-Pin 4 of C2
-.3 Ohm between Pins 5-Pin 6 of C2
-1.4 Ohms between Pin 7- Pin 8 of C2
-Infinity(open) Between Stator wire 11,wire33, Pin1, Pin 3, Pin 5, Pin 7 and frame ground
-****Reading 1.2 Ohms Between stator wires 11 and 33.:eek:

At his point I presume this means the stator windings are shorted to each other?

This unit was a gift from my employer who bought this from a gentleman who purchased it from a Big Box store and was having an "everything must go divorce sale", it was new on the pallet and sat in our backroom for over a year. It has now been in service for over three years, so I am sure that if there ever was a warranty to me, it has long since expired. I would appreciate any guidance as to whether 1. From the above results, the stator is indeed bad, and 2. If it is bad, would it be economically feasable to replace the stator, or bite the bullet and buy another whole unit. Will be greatful for any advice offered.