Given my massive trust in these units (yes, sarcasm) I bought 3 of these digital meters on Ebay for about nine bucks each. Now at a glance I know the status and so does my wife if I'm not here. I will put labels next to each stating the maximum/minimum values.

Use fused leads for the hots and extra long wire to allow it to be set on the ground during removal.

The meters come in two wire or four wire styles. The latter is designed such that you could wire a separate source so that it would be illuminated at all times but who needs that in this application? Anyway thought I'd share. For what it's worth, Toukow

I ordered the over voltage protector from MTS. I'll let everyone know about installation. Should be here by this weekend.
Toukow, looks good.
Great idea. I did something similar that I mentioned in this post:
(I noted Ohmslaw's comment at the bottom of the thread. Looks like he had vision)

The 2 digital meters at the top of the panel are volt/frequency meters and I picked them up on EBay for $15 each.