Model #: 5854
Propane or Natural Gas: Gas
Length of gas pipe feeding the generator:<5'
Size of gas pipe feeding the generator:
How long since the last full maintenance: 4 weeks
How long have you experienced this problem: 2 days

Description of problem:

While running my Generac 7500W the plastic linkage connecting the governor rod to the governor lever failed. The lever dropped down and the generator began operating at maximum capacity. I turned it off immediately and replaced the linkage and reconnected the rod.

When I went to turn on the generator, the governor lever normally is pulled up and sits at idle until I turn on additional equipment, resulting in the lever adjusting to put out more power. However, the lever sits at "full open" and the governor rod nor any parts move. The generator runs at full open until I turn it off.

I can manually hold the lever up and the generator slows down, but as soon as I release it drops and runs at full open. The voltage sensor is on, showing that it is reading the voltage and should be telling the governor to adjust. Any ideas? Both the mechanic and the factory said "it's terminal, probably something inside." I assume the 5-10 seconds that the generator ran at maximum tore something up inside. Naturally 3 months out of warranty :-)
call generac customer service explain what happened and see if they will help. sounds like the fly weights broke off the governor shaft, if when running and you hold the gov. arm and feel no restaince then the gov. is broke. hopefully generac will replace the engine. Good luck.