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Model #: (5240
Propane or Natural Gas: NG
Length of gas pipe feeding the generator: Temp line to get it running
Size of gas pipe feeding the generator: 1/2"
How long since the last full maintenance: Don't know
How long have you experienced this problem: Bought the generator with known problem.

Description of problem: Generator starts fine, no power at breaker.

Steps you have taken to resolve problem: I performed the fixed excitation/rotor amp draw test:
Voltage at pins 2 & 6 = 96v
Voltage at pins 11 & 22 = 84v
Rotor amps (engine off) = 3.9 amps
Rotor amps (engine on) = 3.7 amps

My first question is rotor amps seem way to high. The chart indicates I should be .9 to 1.0 amp range. Is this telling me I have a fryed rotor winding?

I continued with the ground wire 0 continuity check = ok.
Did the field boost test = 10.9 volts during crank at wire 4 with C2 disconnected.

I started thinking about the red light on the voltage regulator and remembered it came on during the fixed excitation test. It stays off the rest of time. I wondered what would happen if I removed #4 wire from the regulator and flashed the field, then quickly re attached #4 wire.
It worked, but it's not a permanent fix.

I did some searching on this site and noticed reference to the field boost upfit kit 0H07850SRV.

Is the upfit kit my answer? or should I really be concerned with the high amps on the rotor. My gut tells me high amps due to low resistance = burnt rotor windings.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Falzon Motorsports

Forgot to mention. I already tried swapping the voltage regulator. No change.

When I got it to work by flashing the field, the voltage at the breaker was low (200v). Even when it was running with the feild connected directly to 12V the output at the relay was 200v.
can you check res. between wire 4 and 0 off of the voltage regulator? then check the brushes for wear or gunk on the slip rings. also check 4 to ground on the engine. report back.
Falzon Motorsports
Got a little hot

Thanks for the reply.
I finally gave in and tore it down.
I measured rotor resistance at the rings 2.2 ohms.
I can visually see the rotor and stator windings had a melt down.
Not sure what to do with this thing now. The engine ran good. It might show up on Ebay.